My name is Cara Castronuova. I am the GOP and Conservative Party endorsed candidate for New York State Assembly District 22. I am a Boxing Champion and was born and bred in my District. I am the individual you want in your corner in distressed times and I have a lifetime body of work to prove that.

I have been fighting for people my whole life and it would be my honor to fight for you.

Currently I am a fearless activist and an Investigative Journalist that has fought tirelessly for personal liberty, medical freedom, the political prisoners of January 6th and at-risk youth in lower income communities.

I will continue to champion these causes as your Assemblywoman. I will add public safety to my list at this critical time when crime in my District and the country has become a major problem. People are afraid and I will empower my community to the best of my ability as Assemblywoman.

After becoming a champion boxer I didn't stop fighting. Upon retirement from boxing, I redirected my inner fight instinct to fight for the underdog and people who have had their voices taken away. Before deciding to run for office, I spent years as a relentless activist for victims of political persecution, prisoners of January 6th still in solitary confinement, victims of Lockdown mandates, the vaccine injured and simply those who want the choice of whether or not to wear a face mask. I fought for the morbidly obese with my organization “Knockout Obesity Foundation” where I taught at risk youth to naturally lose unhealthy weight and the virtues of hard work and fortitude.

I starred as a Celebrity Fitness Trainer in Season 11 of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" where I taught morbidly obese people how to fight for their lives and lose half their body weight. My most precious memories of that time was getting to know these incredibly brave people off-camera and watching their inner fighters emerge as we worked together through grueling conditions.

For years I had spent my time running community programs for at-risk youth in lower income areas of New York near and in my community. I taught them a fighter’s mentality, boxing, how to live a healthy lifestyle and to fight for what is important.

My programs taught at risk youth the mental and physical virtues of boxing- like courage, fortitude, perseverance and hard work. I was amazed every day by these kids, and empowered with the knowledge of what being a mentor to an at-risk child can do for their future.

Since early 2020 and the start of the Covid-19 scare, I have been fighting unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates. I organized one of the very first Anti-Lockdown Protests in Albany in March of 2020. I have organized incredibly inspiring rallies ever since and became a prominent voice for this cause in the State of New York and nationwide.

Ever since the events of January 6th it has been my privilege to be one of the few fighting for the political prisoners who are still locked away in solitary confinement in DC Jail- their voices and the due process guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution stripped away. I have helped raise over one million dollars towards their legal costs, and I started the organization “Citizens Against Political Persecution” to raise awareness of their plight. We have been incredibly successful over the past year in getting their stories out.

Because of the one party rule we are currently under, I have come close to dying on a hill for this cause. Canceled on many social media platforms, ostracized by peers, harassed and doxxed…but because of the Grace of God I am still here with the GOP and Conservative endorsement with a new platform to keep on fighting for our freedom.

I currently appear on a Newsmax show and write for The Gateway Pundit as a Journalist. This has been a blessing from God as I am able to get out the truth to a larger audience and counteract fake news to the best of my ability. I pour blood, sweat and tears into my Investigative Journalist and take incredible risks to get the truth out.

After losing my parents at an early stage in life, I learned very quickly how to rely on my own resources and character when it came to looking out for myself and my younger siblings. For years I have taken care of an 85 year old disabled Aunt who lives with me in my home in my District. She is in and out of nursing homes due to slip and falls. As her Medical Advocate and the person that she relies on 100 percent to look out for her life, I have learned first hand how badly the sick and elderly are treated in New York care facilities. This became especially obvious to me during the inhumane closure of nursing homes to visitors in the State of New York. Families where not allowed in to see their elderly family members, and loved ones were locked out of hospitals where patients were left to die completely alone. This is one of the biggest tragedies of modern times. Those families will never get another chance to say a proper goodbye to their dearly departed loved ones, and the ones who died will never get back their God Given right to dignity in death that they are guaranteed by Natural Law upon which our Constitution is based.

The Government got away with it once, and they will try to do it again.

Therefore, as Assemblywoman, the first piece of legislation I will write and propose will be a bill that guarantees families will never be locked out of a nursing home or hospital again, no matter what the circumstances or if there is another future “lockdown”. I will fight so the Government can never again take away your right to be with your dying family member or stop your from properly mourning at a funeral.

Your donation will be respected and cherished to get me in office so I can continue to fight for my community, the State of New York and use the platform to continue to advocate for liberty and freedom everywhere.

Remember, New York is the testing ground for the rest of the Country. If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

Let me fight for you.

God Bless you and God Bless America,

Cara Castronuova

Freedom Fighter

Candidate for New York State Assembly District 22

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